IKEDOO Mobile Lab Launch

IKEDOO Mobile Lab_launch_16 Oct 2014 - Kopie

IKEDOO Mobile Lab, the first interactive platform of experiential learning for children, is launching a Record Book’s challenge to the most curious and skillful parent-child team in Romania! On 18 October, over 200 children will participate in the biggest construction ever made by juniors. Attendance in the event is free of charge for all children with ages from 7 to 14 yo, based on a registration form filled in until 11 October at: www.lab.ikedoo.com. The children will build a spaceship with an 11-meter diameter and 2-meter high, a construction worthy of the Records Book.

The event is officially launching the IKEDOO Mobile Lab, which aims to create awareness in Romania for the experiential learning process and to provide a map of all available professions for tomorrow’s adults. The Mobile Lab will visit schools in the disadvantaged communities in Romania, offering children the chance to discover and use tools specific to the over 1000 professions displayed in the Lab.

“All IKEDOO projects were born from the dream of a bunch of “former” kids to create the perfect environment of knowledge and curiosity for future adults. The IKEDOO Mobile Lab aims to show everybody that experiential education and vocational training should be part of any child’s learning process. Children are learning much faster by doing than through words, and we believe this is the future of education in Romania”, said said Ion Neculai, Project Manager of the IKEDOO Mobile Lab.

The event takes place on 18 October, starting 10am, in the parking lot of Plaza Romania shopping mall in Bucharest (Bld. Timisoara 26).

IKEDOO is a dynamic research institute which generates innovative educational programmes for children, aiming to improve their school performance and to facilitate their adaptation to the real life. Founded in 2011 by a team of psychologists, architects, entrepreneurs, marketers and trainers, IKEDOO is the leader of experiential education in Romania.

IKEDOO is one of the member NGOs in the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership, an informal alliance of organisations dedicated to improving the life of Roma people in the communities across Central and South-Eastern Europe. The platform was born out of a common concern: to support social enterprise development initiatives at community levels, involving Roma and non-Roma collaboration. The Partnership focuses on opportunities for developing livelihoods to create jobs and generate incomes from community initiatives.