Igor and Ivan Buharov: The Decorative Use of Pain

tranzit workshops, Bratislava
Exhibition opening: 1 October 2011, 6 pm
Live music: The Pastorz
Until 31 October 2011

Curated by Dora Hegyi

The artists Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi, working under the pseudonym Igor and Ivan Buharov since 1995, have been producing their films mostly with super 8 technique and combining the elements of experimental filmmaking and narrative story-telling. In a surrealistic imagery, they capture the archetypical experiences of imaginations and dreams. The protagonists in the films are mostly friends and non-actors, who act outside of mainstream and elite culture, and often speak out poetic or philosophical dialogues given to them.

In the exhibition The decorative use of pain at the tranzit workshops in Bratislava, the Buharovs are going to present three long films, two documentaries, and their newest piece Ruderless, completed for Manifesta 8. A selection of their short films, with a very special poetic and uncanny atmosphere, will appear at different points in the spaces surrounded by an accumulation of objects forming an altar and appearing on a sand table. The paintings, photographs, and strange objects can function as anthropological objects, stepping out from the films to the real world.

Some of the works are connected to the current socio-political reality in Hungary. The Smellautomat is a distributor machine, which gives the opportunity to the visitor to decide whom they vote for, based on the smell of belongings of the politicians. The Magazine for Bodyguards, produced together with other artists, is a one copy magazine for a profession, which has 300,000 representatives, 10% of all employees in Hungary.

Dora Hegyi is a curator, director of tranzit.hu, based in Budapest, Hungary. Amongst many she has co/curated Periferic 8 in Iasi, Romania and Manifesta 8 at Murcia and Cartagena, Spain.

Here you can download the poster of the event.

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