“i know no weekend”: Artistic interventions in Public Space

I know no weekend_3

Date: 20 – 25 March 2012
 Pécs, Hungary

What is the role, the impact and what are the responsibilities of artists in today’s society? Based on the artistic works and concepts of German artist Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986) young artists were called upon to deal with current sociopolitical issues, and how they interrelate. Beuys is now considered as one of the most influential artists of the 21st Century, though or because his work produced controversial debates about contemporary art and the commitment of artists in the 1970s and 80s.

Art students from the participating international universities proposed projects to be realized in a public space, showing a critical reflection of Beuys’ artistic approaches. A jury consisting of representatives from each university selected six artists and their projects, which are now to be realized in Pécs.
“i know now weekend” is a programme that offers an insight into the perspectives of young artists on the possibilities and challenges in their lives. Consisting of six artistic interventions, six different approaches to socially engaged art are shown.

Programme and Locations
Anna Żak: “Place” / 20 – 24 March/ 14 – 19 h / Ferencesek útja 38
Ninoslav Kovačević: “The collective dream” / 21 – 23 March  /  12 – 16 h
Michaela Bottková: “Place of honour” / 20 March, 12 – 15 h (Árkád Shopping Center), 03.21, 12 – 15 h (Kossuth tér)
Slobodan Stošić: “The hole” / 20 – 24 March, 0 – 24 h / Balokány Liget, Zsolnay Vilmos utca
István Szántó: “Beeswaxbed” / 20 – 25 March, 8 – 19 h / Szívgyógyászati Klinika, Átrium, Ifjúság út 13.
Kateřina Horáčková: “Honeymachine” / 20 – 24 March, 14 – 18 h / Pécsi távolsági buszvégállomás, Nagy Lajos király útja 20.

For more information, visit http://iknw.tumblr.com/