Hotel Konkurrenz


The small farmers village Kleinkirchheim developed in the past decades to the tourism centre Bad Kleinkircheim with 1800 inhabitants and capacity of 8000 beds. After years of growth, the place is facing stagnation and a drop of overnight stays.

Among many lodging possibilities, the Hotel St. Oswald stands out with its size, form and presence, embodying the courage and the confidence, which prevailed in the seventies when it was built. AO& discovered the place for themselves declaring it object trouv├ę. After dealing for one year with the situation in the village, the architecture of the hotel and the persons in charge, artists took over the management of the hotel between 14 May and 15 June under the name Hotel Konkurrenz.

A unique one-month hotel project.
When: 14 May to 15 June 2014
Where: Schartenweg 5, Bad Kleinkirchheim

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