Hard Disk Pieces @ the New Synagogue

Hard Disk Pieces_ Martin Spirec_en

Martin Špirec presents at the Plusmínusnula Gallery (New Synagogue / Kunsthalle Zilina) a series of works that he either intended to create for some time or already had prepared for a long time, but he has not shown them before. These are objects in which banality and low-cost DIY aesthetics mix with high art, or brazen and foolish procedural installations.

Martin Špirec (*1980 Cadca) is a graduate of prof. Daniel Fisher’s +-XXl Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where he acts as an assistant under doctoral internship programme. Špirec is a highly productive artist and his work may be undeniably recognized by several features. His absurd and funny objects, videos, paintings, prints and installations make use of various everyday objects which Špirec easily transforms into something different and places them into new contexts. Although the form of his works relates to naïve aesthetics, gestures are always well-thought-out and sophisticated.

Martin Špirec: Hard Disk Pieces
New Synagogue / Kunsthalle Zilina, Plusminusnula Gallery – Kuzmányho 1, 010 01 Žilina
Exhibition opening: 5 March 2015, 6pm,
Exhibition: 5 March – 3 April 2015
Curated by Katarína Gatialova

The New Synagogue / Kunsthalle Zilina is an ambitious project of reconstruction of a synagogue designed by the famous German modernist architect Peter Behrens and its transformation into a contemporary art centre.