Happy Birthday, Zweite Sparkasse!

Die Zweite Sparkasse celebrates its 5th anniversary 
7 branches, 430 voluntary staff members, 7,500 customers
200 customers transferred to a “normal” bank account in 2011
“We are happy about the drain of customers!”

The “bank for the unbankable” was founded on 4 October 2006 as an initiative and with the capital of ERSTE Foundation. The concept is based on two pillars: first, a close cooperation with 23 partner organisations, including the debt counselling services, Caritas, and private initiatives like the Wiener Hilfswerk, Dialog and Neustart, which advise and select potential customers before recommending them to the bank. And secondly, on the fact that all 430 staff members of Die Zweite Sparkasse, from the board member to the counsellor, work on a voluntary basis.

The success of these efforts starts to manifest itself in a drain of customers. This year, Die Zweite Sparkasse enabled around 200 people to transfer to a “normal” bank account. And it is happy about it: “Die Zweite Sparkasse is probably the only bank that is happy about losing customers”, says Boris Marte, board member of ERSTE Foundation. “It often takes several years for people to escape difficult economic situations. We see it as our job to be a partner for these people.”

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