Good Impact: Open Call for Hungarian NGOs

Hungarian organisation Civil Impact launched a special project with the main purpose to intensify collaboration and partnerships between representatives of the civil society and the for-profit sector within the framework of an event: Good Impact. This is a new initiative, a powerful and unconventional platform where NGOs can present their services to corporate decision-makers, and participating companies can purchase the desired services during the event.

Non-governmental organisations should apply until 16 March 2016 in order to participate in the match-making event. The applicants are expected to present services and/ or products which can be integrated into the company’s day-to-day functioning, or offer a real solution to an environmental or social problem – be it in the form of a volunteer day, a family-friendly workplace program, or even offer solutions for a company’s environmental sustainability.

The organisers are convinced that the civil sector can create value for companies, and the meeting of the two sectors can stimulate real (social) market trends, so that long-term and sustainable operations could be promoted.

Information about the call for application, as well as the application form can be found here: