GOGOLFEST 2010 International Festival of Contemporary Art

4 – 12 September 2010
Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kiev

GogolFEST is a festival of contemporary art that takes place every year in Kiev, Ukraine. Established in 2007, the festival has gained international acknowledgement for its eclectic programme and the values it represents. The name of the festival reminds of the writer Nikolai Gogol, whose conception of Kiev as a natural platform for the coexistence of East and West inspired the organisers to create a multidisciplinary event including concerts, theatrical performances, film retrospectives, literature, art exhibitions, and many more things.

GogolFEST 2010 will run under the title Art of Parallel Reality, showing works that deal with themes like responsible freedom, self-awareness in one’s own reality, creation as the main aim of human life as well as the mutual respect between individuals and the state. The participants of the festival come from all over Europe, which creates a broad basis for discussion and goes well with the fact that Ukraine and Russia share European roots and values.

The events will be illustrated in the festival’s Art Newspaper, which will continue to be distributed after the festival as an incentive for artistic and literary discourse.

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Photos: © mio-photo.lj.ru