Generative Curating: Towards a New Internationalism?


Free School for Art Theory and Practice with Kate Fowle

As debates on the role of the curator are being further complicated by the notion of the ‘curatorial’ as a methodology, key factors by which curating is measured today include the extent to which activities address and confront timely social and political issues; the responsiveness of projects to the situations in which they occur; and the viability of exhibitions, events, and even institutions to be platforms for curators’, artists’, and participatory publics’ viewpoints. Increasingly the curatorial position is less engaged in upholding an institutional mandate than trying to transform it, experimenting with processes, functions, structures, and hierarchies in relation to an expanding art world that is located within ever-widening geopolitical frameworks.

Kate Fowle will deliver an open lecture on Independent Curators International and its touring exhibition program and will lead a closed seminar. Related to the seminar, tranzit. hu presents ICI’s longest running touring exhibition, do it, a project by Hans Ulrich Obrist, running for twenty years this year. Do it is a collection of about 250 written instructions by artists, from which a selection will be presented within an event framework.

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Date: May 17-19, 2013
Location: Mayakovsky 102, the open office of tranzit. hu, Király utca 102., 1st floor, 1068 Budapest