Genealogies of Post-Communism

Book presentation & discussion with the autors
6 May 2009, 7 pm
UNA Gallery of the National University of Arts, Bucharest

Under the title Refractions the IDEA Foundation brings together a series of books and materials for critically examining the social, political, institutional and artistic realms in Romania. In collaboration with local and international publishers and authors, the collection aims to comprehensively address historical and current questions and to make this examination accessible to an interested public.
The volume "Genealogies of Post-Communism" is a critical contribution to the intellectual-ideological debates on the applications of post-communism in Romania; it’s a discussion of phantasmagorias, realities, projects and concrete implementations.
Adrian T. Sîrbu, Alexandru Polgár, Claude Karnoouh and Bogdan Ghiu, authors of "Genealogies of Post-Communism"

Terrace deBufet, UNA Gallery of the National University of Arts, Bucharest
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