“Galanta Songs” – a Milan Adamčiak exhibition in Bratislava


Milan Adamčiak belongs to the supreme representatives of Fluxus in Slovakia. His production is represented by three equal, at the same time overlapping activities – experimental poetry, graphic scores and music projects exceeding towards the sound objects and action art projects.  This exhibition, organized by the association tranzit.sk, emphasises the second and third stream of the Adamčiak’s production – introducing scores in the form of graphics and objects, recordings from music performances and a happening at the opening in the form of interaction between “classical” Adamčiak score with new technology – special adapted computer programme.  New works of Adamciak will be presented at the exhibition, produced during his 4 months residential stay at the regionally influential 4D Gallery in Galanta.

Milan Adamčiak (born 1946) graduated in 1973 from the Science in Music Industry Studies at the Comenius University, Faculty of Philosophy in Bratislava. Through mid sixties he was deeply interested in new music. In 1965 during his visit at the Warsaw Autumn Adamčiak had an opportunity to take part in accompanying happenings, which opened him the door for future activities with Fluxus and John Cage production.

“Galanta Songs” is a tranzit.sk exhibition, in collaboration with 4D gallery, Galanta and Zuzana Sabová.
Curator: Lucia Gavulová

Date: 30 May 2012 – 17 June 2012
Opening: Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 6 p.m.
Location: tranzit dielne / workshops, Studená 12, 821 04, Bratislava, Slovakia