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the unmaking of art

The Unmaking of Art – Four Stories on Exhibitions, Museums and Art History proposed by Jelena Vesić in collaboration with the Museum of American Art – Berlin. Lecturers: Walter Benjamin, Alfred Barr, Gertrude Stein and Jelena Vesić. A project by

It is obvious that today nobody prays in front of a religious painting in a museum or gallery, but we may also witness that it is not unusual a priest to pray beneath the same Last Supper by Tintoretto when the painting hangs in the St. Francis-Xavier church. Usually, we don’t pay much attention to what degree this kind of “dislocation” and “replacement” changes the meaning of the artifact – to what degree the same object can affirm contradictory, or even totally opposite stories, ideologies and worldviews, by being a part of different apparatuses of showing.

The seminar entitled The Unmaking of Art looks precisely into this “uncertain destiny” of artifacts located within different narratives of showing and telling. The main focus will be on the set of artifacts that are called Art and that are time and again reclaimed as Art by the interpretative techniques of art history or practices of exhibition-making and museum displays. However, contrary to the story on the “making of art” or the very discourse on “liberal arts” in which the artifact appears as the carrier of authenticity, singularity and uniqueness, the story on The Unmaking of Art attempts to observe the entire discourse on art artifacts and their stories from some kind of a vantage point. The Unmaking of Art will try to take you behind the scenes.

11 May, 2012, 6 pm
Exhibition opening Against Art and public lecture by
Walter Benjamin: The Unmaking of Art

12-13 May, 2012, 11 am -6 pm

Location:, KIRÁLY 102, H-1068 Budapest, Király u 102, 1st floor, bell:

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