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Jurigovo námestie / square, Bratislava, 2014. Photo: Mona Vătămanu &  Florin Tudor

Deleting others’ texts is not the smoothest way of entering a discourse; however, acts of removal/erasure/demolition are not without precedent in art history, let alone the history of social and political movements. By deleting essential parts of texts written by modernist architects such as Lina Bo Bardi, Le Corbusier, Roberto Burle Marx, Nikolai Ladovsky, Štefan Svetko, Ivan Matušík, Vladimír Dedeček and others, Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor point to the still common perception of modernism as a failed project. At the same time, their gesture is an affirmative one. Viewing the photographs of the fragmented writings, one feels the urge to imagine, construct something meaningful in place of the ruptures, and the question of “what?” puts the viewer in a liberated, albeit highly responsible position.

Often referred to as “historiographers of the present”, Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor belong to the last generation of Romanians who has first-hand memories of communism, came of age around 1989 and witnessed the general disillusion brought about by the unfulfilled expectations of the system change. Trying to understand the mechanisms of social and historical processes, the ways memory, remembering and projection inform individual and collective identity, the artists select highly symbolic motives, capable of connecting various times and places. They frequently turn to modernist architecture, viewed not only as a repository of memory, but also as a field permeated by social ideals and ideologies, an indicator of people’s way of living and understanding the present. Their metaphoric, poetical artistic practice constantly moves between realistic evaluation of the object of inquiry and the shaping of images of hope.

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Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor
Flying Utopia

Curated by: Judit Angel

Opening: 13 February 2015, 7.00 pm

Exhibition preview with the artists: 13 February 2015, 5.00 pm
Address:, Beskydská 12, 81105 Bratislava; open: Wednesday– Saturday, 2:00 – 7:00 pm
Exhibition runs until 14 March 2015

Special thanks to: Claudiu Cobilanschi, Mihai Dascălu, Mihnea Mircan, Peter Szalay, Martin Zaiček

Image: Jurigovo square, Bratislava, 2014. Photo: Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor