Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema

Film Mutations_2012

When did film catharsis collapse? – with this question Film Mutations: the Sixth Festival of Invisible Cinema opens the winter programme under the title THE CATHARSIS IMAGE, re-actualizing Godard’s question about time when the gaze collapsed. In the focus of our gaze are two specific cathartic modes: the cinematic close-up and cut-up in film and digital art by Pedro Costa and Martin Arnold, two filmmakers whose work redeem the physical and art reality of contemporary cinema, but also the traces of early inventions and illusions, of Lumière and Méliès.

Things leave traces, what can we learn observing those traces while working with our film memory? What can we achieve by restructuring the filmed material which already is a part of our film heritage? – these are the questions posed by Martin Arnold for his talk, which will show his “cineseizures” on / by the repressed and uncanny matter of Hollywood film as recycled cathartic commune at the cinema space of the Museum of Contemporary Art and in the underground darkness of Galerija Klovićevi dvori (from 14 to 20 December).

When did the catharsis close the door? Pedro Costa’s film leaves traces of experience of sharing life and time, a mutual testimony of reality with Lisbon immigrants from Cap Verde. Bare life in the Fontainhas slum is his studio and at the same time an eerie archive of the home-sick space which no longer exist. With his film inhabitants we discover again what film is, just like the first film historian Matuszewski saw it: the dead and the absent who rise and pass between the source of light and the white screen.

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12 – 16 December 2012
The Museum of Contemporary Art
Galerija Klovićevi dvori
Kino SC & MM Centre
The Academy of Drama Art
The Academy of Fine Arts

17 – 20 December 2012
Art-Cinema Croatia

10 January 2013
The Slovenian Cinematheque