Festival Zeppelin

Conferences, debates, exhibitions, guided tours on City, Money, Architecture
1 November – 20 December 2011, Bucharest

Conferences and debate:
About city, money, architecture, public-private partnerships, European money, financial strategies and urban vision
Guests: Leo van der Berg, Ole Bouman, Anca GinAvar, Damo Holt, Ellen van der Lei, Eugen Panescu, Joep de Roo, Nicolae Taralunga, Serban Tiganas, Kai Vöckler and Liviu Ianasi

Exhibition: Urban Activism in Romania
Activism and independent initatives for architecture, environment and city
2 November – 20 December 2011, MNAC

Exhibition: Auslandsbeziehungen (Germany)
Contemporary German architecture made abroad
10 November – 11 December 2011, MNAC

Guided tours to Bucharest industrial sites
An adventure game through the mysterious and lost Bucharest
26-27 November 2011

The festival is organized by zeppelin.