Festival Sinestezija

Multi-location contemporary art platform and work-in-progress exhibition
5-12 August 2011, Herceg-Novi, Montenegro

The multi-disciplinary Festival Sinestezija, which is taking place for the first time this summer in the beautiful town of Herceg-Novi, was initiated to give local and regional contemporary artists a platform of expression. Sculptors, mural painters, street artists, performers, illustrators and designers are invited to create works-in-progress in front of the observing and participative public on a number of locations across the town.

To connect their skills with local traditions, the topic will be “Oridjinali”, meaning “Originals”, an allusion to the legendary, authentic and eccentric characters coming from the population of Herceg-Novi. A booklet with local anthropological phenomena, researched by the University of Belgrade, will be the inspiration and information for both the artists and the public.

For more information visit www.sinestezija.me.