Fast Forward Film Festival

Opening: 28 May 2010
Kulturno informativni centar (KIC) Budo Tomovi?, Podgorica, Montenegro

Fast Forward is the first human rights film festival in Montenegro, using the best practices in the region, as a new and innovative approach in dealing with this issue within the Montenegrin environment. The film programme will be followed by series of topic-oriented panels with film authors, human rights activists and others dealing with human rights in a wider spectrum.

The first day’s theme will be focused on human rights in general and it will cover diverse human rights issues. The focus of the second day will be on vulnerable groups, such as women, children and LGBT population. The third day is dedicated to maybe the most challenging theme in the region – dealing with the past. The projections will include 3-6 films per day, depending on films’ durations.

Programme of the film festival