Extravagant bodies: Extravagant minds 2011

International festival of mental health – public discussions
8 February 2011, Belgrade
19 February 2011, Skopje

The interdisciplinary festival Extravagant Bodies – Extravagant Minds, which started off in Zagreb in October 2010, introduced a much discussed topic, namely “the politics of normality” with a focus on mental illness and intellectual disabilities. Based on the fact that what is normal (and what is not) is ideologically determined and deeply rooted in the structures of society, the festival tried to put into question the mere existence of disabilities, institutions, institutionalization, demarcation and borders. In 2011 the programme continues in the form of public discussions in Belgrade and Skopje. 

For more information visit www.kontejner.org.

Photo: Vedran Metelko