Extravagant bodies: Extravagant minds 2010

International festival of mental health
20-24 October 2010, Pogon Jedinstvo i Klub Mo?vara, Zagreb

Extravagant bodies is an interdisciplinary festival that started in 2007 and deals with the politics of normality. It is based on the fact that what is considered normal (and what is not) is ideologically determined and deeply rooted in the structures of society. The fact that difference and otherness exist, especially in relation to body and mind, evokes negative identification, social exclusion, fear and hatred. The first edition of the festival, which was held in 2007, tackled the issue of physical disability. This year’s edition, titled Extravagant bodies: Extravagant minds, takes up the issue of mental health. The idea is to hold the festival every 3 years with a different focus.

The presented works are projects that put into question the very existence of mental illness and intellectual disabilities, institutions, institutionalization, demarcation and borders; and they speak up from the position of the mental condition itself. The programme of the festival is composed of exhibitions, a conference, performances and films, and is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue and reader. Among the participants are artists with intellectual disabilities or mental disorders as well as experts from the fields of art and medicine. The visitors will thus have a chance to get acquainted with inspiring artworks, presentations and lectures from the spheres of art, medicine, sociology, philosophy and (anti)psychiatry.

The festival will take place in several cities in Southeastern Europe from October 2010 until January 2011, including Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Skopje and Sarajevo.

For more information visit www.kontejner.org.

Photos: Bobby Baker (title), Carlos Larrondo (this page)