Extra-territory at tranzitdisplay


An invitation to the opening of the Curator´s Choice in the frame of Mobile Archive Exhibition.

<<We can view the Middle East as a strange territory. Is it a land that’s remote, incomprehensible and foreign or is it, in this media age, in this age of a globalising world and in factoring in all historical contexts, “our” (Czech?, Central European?, Western?) space – a land connected to the culture of many ethnic groups and nations on all continents?

The contrast of unique cosmopolitan experiences and ethnocentric trends and biases create layers of inequities, contradictions and conflicts.

We intend to view this “extra-territory” through contemporary art projects that create alternative visions. The originally selected theme – water – is an external link of the selected works. The archive theme will also be explored.>> (Milan Kreuzzieger)

Concept and curated by: Milan Kreuzzieger
Guest: Marek Hrubec, Director of the Centre of Global Studies

24 April 2012, 7pm
Dittrichova 9, Prague