4 – 11 February 2012
Opening 4 February 2012 , 4 pm
The National and University Library of Kosovo
Trg Hasan Pristina, Pristina

Club Alpbach Belgrade and Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo are warmly welcoming you to the opening of €uroXibition.

Groups of young academics, professionals and students, members of Club Alpbach Belgrade (CAB) and Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo (IGAK), members of European Forum Alpbach, tried to shape the European present and future of the region and contribute to the development of leaders in various fields, among them cultural exchange.

The main idea of the exhibition is to demonstrate willingness and ways of cooperation between youths from Kosovo and Serbia through the cultural exchange. Ten photographers (five from Belgrade and five from Pristina) were chosen to make photos and capture symbolism of the EU and Europe in their environment; usage of Euro sign (€) and words such as: ‘Euro’ and ‘Europe’ for various purposes (e.g. shops, buildings, marketing, etc.).

During the project the chosen photographers participated in two workshops organised in Belgrade and Pristina, aimed to bring them closer together, enhance their cooperation in the working process and intensify exchange of ideas. Lectures by eminent photographers and facilitators from Serbia and Kosovo helped not just bringing the results of photographers work in one place during the exhibition, but also initiated cooperation and communication during the entire project implementation process.

Exhibition will also be presented in Belgrade in March and in Alpbach during the European Forum Alpbach 2012.

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