European Roma Cultural Foundation opens Gallery8 in Budapest


The European Roma Cultural Foundation, winner of a working grant of the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory 2012,  has now its own space in Budapest: Gallery8, located at Mátyás tér, the area of the city, which is mostly populated by Roma inhabitants. This new space aims to enable and support the production, presentation and interpretation of Roma artworks. The emphasis is put on investing in the capacities of young Roma artists, presenters, managers and entrepreneurs to help them to succeed, to learn, to be accepted positively by broad audiences, to become more knowledgeable and actively engaged in networking and collaboration in Europe and beyond.

In November 2012, the European Roma Cultural Foundation was one of three winners of a working grant of the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory 2012 for promoting and strengthening the role of the arts and culture of Roma people in an enlarged Europe.

Gallery8 kicks off with ROMAISM, an experimental exhibition project which attempts to construct Roma cultural history through presenting 100 objects: artworks, documents, research materials, archive photos, posters, newspapers, books, videos, websites and items of personal memories from the 1960’s until the present day.

The exhibition is on view until 4 April 2013. For more information on Gallery8 and its activities, visit the website.