Europe talks to Europe. A Polylogue on Culture and Politics

“Multiculturalism at its limits? Managing diversity in the new Europe” 
30 September, 6 pm, Bratislava

Cultural diversity is back at the top of the European political agenda. Attitudes towards immigration typically associated with the nationalist Right have become political mainstream. Minorities are turned into problems as migration makes cultural diversity ever more visible and national cultural identity is perceived as being under threat. Is tolerance a fair-weather phenomenon in Europe?

Debate in English language:
Fero Šebej, Bratislava
Kenan Malik, London
Chair: Samuel Abrahám, Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts
Introduction: Carl Henrik Fredriksson, Eurozine

Fero Šebej                                                         Kenan Malik

Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9, Bratislava

The debate series Europe talks to Europe is a cooperation of Eurozine and ERSTE Foundation.

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