Europe talks to Europe. A polylogue on culture and politics


31 March 2010, 6 pm: “Economy and ethics in crisis. A new-old east-west divide?”
Debate in English language

What are the ethical and political implications of a globalized economy in general, and of western companies’ expansion in eastern Europe in particular? Does the financial crisis mark the end of neoliberal politics? What does the European integration project really mean, not only economically but also at a social and cultural level? Has the failure of existing political and economic structures in the current situation opened up a new-old east-west divide? Robert Misik and Daniel Daianu will discuss the ethical and political implications of a globalized economy.

Robert Misik, Austrian author and journalist, Vienna
Daniel Daianu, Romanian economist, Bucharest
Chair: Mircea Vasilescu, Dilema Veche
Introduction: Carl Henrik Fredriksson, Eurozine

Romanian Cultural Institute, Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, sector 1, Bucharest

The debate series “Europe talks to Europe” is a cooperation of Eurozine and ERSTE Foundation.

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