Europe talks to Europe. A Polylogue on Culture and Politics

“Splitting up? The renationalization of Europe”
10 February, 6:30 pm, Lviv

What explains nationalism’s renewed importance and what distinguishes the various expressions of nationalism across Europe today? Why is nationalism associated with conflict in some cases and not in others? And does it make sense at all to talk in the same terms about contemporary nationalism in eastern and western Europe?

Debate in English language:
David Van Reybrouck, Brussels
Andriy Shevchenko, Kiev
Chair: Sofia Dyak, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Introduction: Carl Henrik Fredriksson, Eurozine
and Harald Binder, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

David van Reybrouck                       Andriy Shevchenko

Center for Urban History, Vul. Akad. Bohomoltsia 6, Lviv

The debate series Europe talks to Europe is a cooperation of Eurozine and ERSTE Foundation.

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