“EUROPE AND OTHERNESS” – International Roundtable in Tirana



The debate will focus on the relation to the Other within our continent – national or ethnic out-group in the East, like in former Yugoslavia since the last decades of the twentieth century; Roma people both in the East and the West; immigrants in the West (as objects of both ethnic and religious racism, reflected in economic xenophobia); and the new Others emerging in these times of crisis, through the divide North-South, and also through a new momentum of nationalism in different parts of Europe, like in the United Kingdom, in Spain, or in the Balkans. Which are the factors that generate such phenomena? What are the self-legitimizing discourses in the different cases? How liberal and illiberal politics tend to deal with the related conflicts? These are some of the questions that the debate will try to respond.

Date: Tuesday, 19.02.2013, 9:30 am

Location: Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre, Scanderberg Square, Bulid. 8, Entr. 1, Tirana, Albania

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