ERSTE Foundation shows: Visual Poetry in Former Yugoslavia


In framework of our “ERSTE Foundation shows” series we are featuring the exhibition “Visual Poetry in Former Yugoslavia” with works from Konakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation. The exhibition explores the relationship between textual and visual rhetoric since the 1970s, as well as how sounds can be generated from primarily picorial image carriers. The titles of the presented works hint at the musical qualities, which are grounded on rhytmic models of organisation. Sewing patterns as sheet music, poetic text fragments and performance form the basic elements of the works, which analyse interdisciplinary moments between visual art, poetry and sound.

“ERSTE Foundation shows” is a platform for showcasing projects, project partners, and current issues of ERSTE Foundation as well as artistic positions. “ERSTE Foundation shows” is a window giving visitors and the interested public an insight into our work.

Katalin Ladik
Vlado Martek
Neša Paripović

from 3 September 2012, ERSTE Foundation, Friedrichstraße 10, 4th floor, 1010 Vienna
The exhibition can be viewed by appointment.

Christiane Erharter, curator, Programme Culture
Tel. +43 50 100-15402,

Walter Seidl, curator, Kontakt Art Collection
Tel. +43 50 100-19601,

Jovana Trifunović, Communications Manager
Tel. +43 50 100-15844,

Cover photo: Katalin Ladik, Ausgewählte Volkslieder.

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