ERSTE Foundation goes Leipzig Book Fair – 2nd round


From 12 to 15 March 2015 we are presenting a variety of publications to a broad audience at the Leipzig Book Fair – and we are very much looking forward to meeting authors, readers and publishing companies to collect information, to engage in exchange and discover what is new.

The emphasis is on present socio-economic and cultural development and its underlying political circumstances in Central and Southeast Europe. Among them are issues like conceptual art since the 50s, minority and gender discourses, social banking and entrepreneurship, NGO and project management, demography, integration and migration as well as education.

Since its establishment ERSTE Foundation is releasing its own publications and is supporting various research projects. ERSTE Stiftung Books, ERSTE Stiftung Series, ERSTE Stiftung Editions and ERSTE Stiftung Studies represent the current set of publications.

ERSTE Stiftung | Hall 4-E301
Leipzig Book Fair
12 to 15 March 2015 | Opening hours