ERSTE Foundation Fellowship for Social Research – call for papers 2014/2016


Demographic and socio-economic changes affecting the development of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe are among the most significant challenges for the future of social cohesion and solidarity building in our societies. ERSTE Foundation invites researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe to do research on topics dealing with economic and social demographic change. The fellowships are awarded based on a proposal for a research paper dealing with the issues listed below, in a theoretical, empirical or practical way.

Research topic: Diasporas, nation states and mainstream societies in Central and Eastern Europe

The term Diaspora refers to geographically dispersed populations who relate themselves collectively to a (former) homeland outside their country of residence. This dispersion can either be traced back to earlier settlements, displacement, dissolution of Empires and multi-ethnic states; or it can be the result of more recent labour migration and refugee flows.

Researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe studying or dealing with economic, political and cultural relations, engagement of diaspora and international migrants and/or diaspora politics in this region in a theoretical, empirical or practical way are eligible to apply. The research proposals should consider opportunities, but also possible challenges created by diasporas and international migration. Wherever possible, research results should lead to policy recommendations.

The Fellowship includes financial support for up to one year for the proposed paper; invitation to scientific conferences; affiliation with a network of researchers and practitioners interested in socio-economic and demographic change, employment and unemployment, aging, migration and intergenerational transfers; participation in several internal workshops, kick-off meeting,  Summer School closing event and selected public events, publication and promotion of results.

Call is open until 24 August 2014

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