ERSTE Foundation Community Meeting 2012


The Community Meeting 2012 took place for the fourth time in parallel with the political symposium of the European Forum Alpbach. Our partners from a vast range of professional and cultural backgrounds came together in the Tyrolean village to reflect upon their work and their collaboration with us. As a network of independent, committed individuals with a critical approach, we constantly look for new ways to work together. The programme – which comprised of interesting debates and workshops – was to identify common ground amidst the mosaic of various cultures in our community, with the ultimate goal of creating synergies.

The meeting took place at the Congress Centre Alpbach (CCA), providing the community members with the opportunity to meet other participants of the Forum Alpbach and join in the debates outside of the community meeting.

Accompanying the Community Meeting , the €UROXIBITION and concert of the Moldovan band “Zdob si Zdub“ took place. €UROXIBITION featured five young Kosovar and five young Serbian photographers, gathered around the ideas and perspectives of their realities and the European Union and sharing their thoughts through photos. “Zdob si Zdub“ delivered a spectacular live show after the main reception at the Forum. Since mid 90s the band combines the hardcore and Moldovan folklore in a unique and elegant way, adding elements of hip-hop, drum’n’bass and jungle into their musical mix.

ERSTE Foundation Community Meeting
25 to 27 August 2012, Alpbach

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