ERSTE Foundation becomes main partner of tranzit

tranzit is a network of independent non-profit civic associations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Slovak Republic.

Since 2002, it generates artistic, cultural and exhibition activities with a critical approach in a constant dialectic between local and global culture. tranzit has been founded and, up to now, mainly supported by the local banks of the Erste Group: Erste Bank Österreich, Česka Spořitelna, Erste Bank Hungary and Slovenská Sporitel’ňa. From now on, ERSTE Foundation will become main partner of The director of ERSTE Foundation’s Programme Culture, Christine Boehler, joined the newly created tranzit board of directors that develops the common programme.

The tranzit-network has a polycentric structure as a collective of autonomous local units cooperating across various borderlines – between nations, languages, media, mentalities and histories. tranzit generates deep-reaching experience in the local artistic and intellectual biotopes in relation to continuity, a re-assessment of contemporary history (arising chiefly from the artistic catharsis of the 1960s and 70s) and in challenging the canons, geographies and master narratives of postwar European (art) histories.

tranzit is also engaged in numerous ancillary projects, such as Monument to Transformation (see below), the Július Koller Society in Bratislava and Vienna, and The Free School for Art Theory and Practice in Budapest. The directors of tranzit, Vít Havránek (, Dóra Hegyi (, Boris Ondreicka (, and Georg Schöllhammer ( are also collectively curating the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 8, which will take place in 2010 in Murcia, Spain.

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Photo credits: Scott King, Almost Everyone Welcome!, tranzit workshops, 2006