ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2009: 1st prize goes to Macedonia

This year’s ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration honoured 20 innovative projects engaged in social integration with a total prize money of EUR 295,000. The first prize went to the Macedonian project “Prevention Campaign from Trafficking in Children” by the NGO “Women’s Lobby and Action against Violence and Trafficking in Women – Open Gate”. Three additional special prizes were awarded, two by the jury and one by all the winners, who selected a peer project.

The award ceremony was held at the former Royal Palace, the National Museum of Art in Bucharest on 25 June. For this year’s competition NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia submitted more than 1,300 projects.

The ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration aims at giving recognition to, and promoting organisations and projects that intend to create a stable and just society, including disadvantaged and marginalised groups. All submitted projects have been evaluated based on criteria of their effectiveness and specific benefits for society.

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