ERSTE Foundation and FUNDACIÓ BANCARIA LA CAIXA Promoting Contemporary Art

As the newest initiative in their cooperation, ERSTE Foundation and FUNDACIÓ BANCARIA LA CAIXA have launched a pilot in the framework of Comisart: Six travel grants are offered to curators in the field of contemporary art for 2017. They will have the opportunity to get to know the cultural context of Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Budapest, Vienna and Zagreb.

Three of the grants enable curators who are citizens or residents of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania or the Slovak Republic, to travel to Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid. The grant supports research travels of approximately ten days in January 2017. The closed-call has already been launched and the fellows will be selected by a committee set up by ERSTE Foundation and FUNDACIÓ BANCARIA LA CAIXA until November 2016.

The two foundations have been working together since 2015 with the aim to jointly promote social and cultural projects in the Erste Group’s home markets. These measures revolve around three initiatives established by ”la Caixa” Foundation: Incorpora, a programme for integration into employment; a Leadership Training Programme for NGO Managers; and Comisart.