Environmental actions without borders

Participants of final event 2014

From June 2nd until June 4th 2014, the final event of the cross boarder school environmental initiative „European Schools for a Living Planet“ took place in Moieciu de Sus, in Brasov county in Romania.

33 school classes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldowa, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slowakia, Slowenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary participated in this year’s „European Schools for a Living Planet“ initiative. For seven months, young adults between 13 and 17 worked together on different ecological projects. They did researches, discussed with decision makers and went on nature expeditions. The project ideas and realization were completely up to the students’ creativity. The teachers supported their students as project coaches. For the big final event, one teacher and one student from each project team travelled to Moieciu de Sus in Romania. There, they presented the achievements of their work, exchanged opinions on the challenges they faced and last but not least – learned from each other.

Young adults and teachers got the skills they needed in order to implement the planned projects during a preparation camp at the beginning of the school year in Austria. Through workshops and outdoor training the participants were informed about the topics „Danube -Lifeline of Europe“ and „Ecological Footprint – how to handle our planet’s ressources“. Project management, team building and public relations were tought as well.

The actions on environmental issues are not going to end with the final event: together, the „ESFALP River Day“ was created. The day will be held transnationally in fall 2014 and will be celebrated in all the eleven European countries from the ESFALP project. The connective topic will be „rivers“. This ecological day is another important step in order to support the created network of environmentally active young adults which shows how sustainable environmental education works.

This year, the school-environmental initiative „European Schools for a Living Planet“ was held for the sixth time. Since the beginning oft he initiative, a total of 5.000 students from eleven different European countries at the age of 12 to 17 years participated and put their individual eco-projects into action.

For more information visit: http://schools.foralivingplanet.eu/

photo©Alex Spineanu