Encounters in Relational Geography – Dust, Ashes, Residua

Exhibition: 2 June – 2 July 2010
Opening: 1 June 2010, 7 pm, Vienna

Artists: Ranko Bon, Dumitru Budrala, Marina Grzini? und Aina Šmid, Isa Rosenberger, Sašo Sedla?ek, Vlad Nanc?, Zbyn?k Baladrán
Curator: Richard Appignanesi

The awkward question: Is Eastern Europe really accounted as European ‘added value’? Or is our currently ‘extended Europe’ fatally schizothymic? Do the Eastern European newcomers to the Union remain disavowed migrants at the banquet edge of Western Europe? Where does the threshold of Fortress Europe actually begin, once again?

Seven Eastern European artists have been convened as diagnosticians and researchers to explore these questions in the art exhibition Encounters in Relational Geography – Dust, Ashes, Residua.

Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Lassingleithnerplatz 2, 1020 Vienna

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