Debating Europe: The Opportunities and Dangers of Immigration

21 March 2010, 11 am
Burgtheater, Vienna

Panel discussion in English language

After having been fled by millions of emigrants for centuries, Europe has turned into a highly desired destination for immigrants in recent decades–some 700,000 of them choose one of the EU’s member states as their new home every year. Yet Europe does not conceive itself as an immigration continent; migrants see themselves confronted with restrictive asylum and labour legislation, xenophobia and right-wing aggression. What Europe seems to be lacking is a policy of pluralism that values cultural diversity as a societal resource. On 21 March renowned politicians, scientists and intellectuals discuss about “Diversity Managemet or Fortress Europe: What is European integration politics heading for?”

Seyla Benhabib, political scientist, Yale
Armin Laschet, Minister for generations, family, women and integration,  Nordrhein-Westfalen
Roger Köppel, Weltwoche Zürich
Giuliano Amato, former Italian Prime Minister, former vice president of the European Convention
Moderation: Kryzstof Michalski

Burgtheater, Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 2, 1010 Vienna

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