Debating Europe – The Destruction of Knowledge

Burgtheater Europa Standard debating

We live in a knowledge society. More people than ever before have access to knowledge and education. But how does what we consider to be knowledge change with the digital revolution?

Who determines, in the light of Wikipedia, Google or Twitter what knowledge is? Which type of knowledge serves as the basis of political and societal decision making processes? And how should the traditional bastions of knowledge – the „old media“, publishing houses, schools, universities – deal with it? Or have we entered the paradoxical situation in which democratisation and increase of knowledge in the same time represent its destruction?

A discussion with Lawrence Lessig (Law Professor, Harvard Law School; Cofounder of „Creative Commons“), Armin Nassehi (Sociologist, Unversity of Munich), Cornelia Klinger (Rector ad interim IWM; Professor of Philosophy, University of Tübingen), Sara Miller McCune (Founder, SAGE Publications).
Moderation: Nicholas Lemann (Professor of Journalism, Columbia University).

Debating Europe – The Destruction of Knowledge
Location: Burgtheater Vienna, Universitätsring 2, 1010 Vienna
Date: 6 April 2014 at 11 am

In German and English language. For tickets, please follow this link. It is possible to purchase reduced tickets at the box office by using the key word “ERSTE Stiftung”.

Photo with courtesy © IWM / Philipp Steinkellner