Curator-in-Residence @ MQ Vienna, May 2017: Tereza Zachová

Tereza Zachová from Czech Republic is this month’s Curator-in-Residence at the Q21 / MuseumsQuartier Vienna.

She works as a curator and art educator based in Prague. She is the founder of a curatorial project / site-specific gallery, called BUŇKA, situated in a public park in the city of Ústí nad Labem. She works for 35m2 Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Prague, for the Regional Gallery in Liberec, as well as a freelance curator developing her own projects. She has taught art education and art history in high schools, and now works on several programs in Dox – Centre of Contemporary Art in Prague.

“My curatorial projects are oriented towards artistic process, site-specific forms, and inner intuition, and consider topics such as quantum physics, ecology, food systems and participatory thinking: a combination of elements from ordinary life. I would like to develop these themes as they relate to speculation about the current and (future?) state of our society. These phenomena have been inspiring for me, as has the butterfly effect — a concept developed by the American scientist Edward Lorenz. During my residency period in Vienna, I would like to develop these ideas further, and to explore the literature available at the ERSTE Foundation library. At the same time, I will focus on engaging with the local art scene in Vienna by getting in contact with curators, artists, and mediators from museums, who are interested in discussing these speculative topics. Iwould also like to learn more about their approaches to the international art Scene.”