CLEAR HISTORY: Moldova’s unknown past


16th, 17th and 23rd of January 2012, 8 PM
spalatorie-theatre, Chisinau, Moldova

With Veaceslav Sambriş, Doriana Talmazan and Irina Vacarciuc
Author of the project: Nicoleta Esinencu

In Moldova some consider Marshall Antonescu, a former Romanian military leader, a hero who has ordered the soldiers to cross the Prut River and defend Moldova; for a substantial part of the Moldovan population this signifies the beginning of the liberation process from the soviet occupation of the Romanian region today known as Republic of Moldova. However, the overwhelming majority of the population still does not know and does not concede the actions taken by the Antonescu regime against the Jewish population living in this region: the setting up of concentration camps in Transnistria and the actions taken in the aftermath of these events. These facts simply don’t exist. They were systematically erased from the collective memory.

CLEAR HISTORY is a project about Moldova’s recent past, a past which seems to be entirely unknown to the young generation and totally ignored or even carefully hidden by the older generation.

Nicoleta Esinencu is a writer and a theatre director whose work represents a critical analysis of the Moldovan contemporary society. The identity problem which the Moldovan population is facing, xenophobia, racism and the lack of respect for human rights are issues which one may find frequently in her works.

Clear History is produced in cooperation with German Cultural Centre Accente and supported by ERSTE Foundation.