Civic Auction 2014

Civic Auction

The seventh edition of the Civic Auction takes place this year on 12 November in Budapest at the KIOSK venue, and will gather around 100 participants from the nonprofit, commercial and public sectors.

Civic Auction is a special initiative, where NGOs put up for auction their services promoting equal opportunities and sustainable development, which can support companies in strengthening their CSR activities. Representatives of companies are invited to bid for the offered services, just like in any other regular auction event. The main goal of the initiative is to enable NGOs to act business-like when approaching commercial companies, but also to demonstrate to companies that NGOs can be trusted business partners.

At this year’s edition, twelve nonprofit organisations will present their services in the auction, aiming to raise the interest of companies’ representatives to bid for them. The services that will be auctioned have the goals to support people with disabilities in their integration on the labour market, to promote eco-friendly work places, to improve cooperation and team spirit among employees, to offer volunteer programmes in order to help citizens who live in deep poverty, or to help employees balance their professional and family obligations.

During the call for proposal that took place in May, Civic Auction received 100 applications, almost double compared to the previous year, out of which the jury selected the twelve services for the auction. Among them there are also four NGOs that were finalists of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2013: Real Pearl Foundation, Down Foundation, Special Pecs and Autonomia Foundation.

For more information about the initiative and detailed descriptions of the selected projects, have a look here:

Civic Auction 2014
Date: 12 November, 11.00-13.00 auction event, 13.00-15.00 networking NGOs and companies
Venue: KIOSK, 15 March square, no. 4, Budapest