CIMAM 2011 Annual Conference "Museums and the City"

14-16 November 2011 in Ljubljana and Zagreb
Followed by a tour to Sarajevo on 17 November 2011

CIMAM – the International Committee of ICOM for Museums and Collections of Modern Art – will hold its 2011 annual conference in Ljubljana and Zagreb. The conference will be followed by a tour to Sarajevo.

The conference is one of the most important forums for communication, cooperation and information exchange between museums, professional visual arts workers, artists and others concerned with modern and contemporary art. Its guiding principle is the presentation of new, unpublished work followed by free discussion.

CIMAM’s conference in Ljubljana and Zagreb and the subsequent tour to Sarajevo will present these 3 cities as special case studies, addressing issues such as, What is their current situation? What experiences can their museums bring to the international arena? How do artists organise themselves? What possibilities do they have for presenting their work and getting it into museums? Another issue to be addressed will be how museums can stimulate the synergies between different local agents, and how they can imagine a better global future.


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