Chisinau – Art, Research in the Public Sphere

Conference (open for the public): 22 – 24 September 2010, 10 am – 5 pm
The Bureau of Interethnic Relations, Str. A. Mateevici 109/1, Chisinau, Moldova

Final Presentation: 21 September – 15 October 2010
Various locations around the city of Chisinau

Art, Research in the Public Sphere is a cross-disciplinary platform with the aim to explore the dominant institutional and political discourses that have shaped the urban landscape of the city of Chisinau in the course of its recent history. It wants to investigate the connections between political and cultural symbols and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment. A number of invited visual artists, curators, designers and sociologists will present case studies related to projects dealing with art in the public sphere and with the connections between the private and public acceptions of this sphere at various levels of dialogue and reflection.

Two practical workshops were organised in Chisinau with local and invited participants, exploring the connections between political symbols and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment.

The conference will exemplify the discourse in the public sphere and the way it reflects the current state of the city and society in general and put it into context.
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The final presentation consists of a number of actions, public events, guided tours, objects and installations that critically activate various aspects of the public sphere and cover several locations in the city of Chisinau. The projects inserted in the urban fabric represent an itinerary that can be followed with the help of a project guide, which can be downloaded from the project’s webpage:

KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau,  

Partners: Association, Campina, Romania
MEEM Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project, Tallinn, Estonia,

Photo by Kibzia I.V. from the book Monumente ale Gloriei Revolutionare si Militare din Moldova, author Demcenko N.A., Timpul, 1983.