Children should be supervised when consuming this product


This exhibition, taking place at tranzit. ro/Cluj, is devoted to the sunflower seed whose trading succeeded to bypass both the control of socialist and communist regimes and also the neoliberal one for a good period of time. Eventually it became one of the most regulated products in Romania. By law it is decided how and where you can produce, distribute, consume or discard the rest.

The project is based on a research of the modes of production and distribution of the sunflower seeds (Floarea Soarelui), on what Romanians often consider as specific local and traditionally Romanian. The artist presents different sunflower seeds from South America, Germany, Hungary etc. which arrive as products on the local market. All this happens in the context that Romania is one of the leading exporters of the sunflower seeds.

Vlad Iepure
graduated graphics at the University of Art and Design from Cluj Napoca in 2012 and was an university assistant at the sculpture and installation department of Accademia Belle Arti Macerata (2012, Italy). In 2011 he also attended ȘPAC (People’s School of Contemporary Art, Cluj).

Exhibition by Vlad Iepure
Opening: 28.01.2014, 6 pm
Time: 28.01 – 12.02.2014
Venue: Cluj, Brassai Sámuel Street, no. 5, Cluj-Napoca
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 3-6 pm.
Curator: Attila Tordai-S.