Central European Forum 2015

CEF 2015

«Freedom of opinion is a farce unless factual information is guaranteed», Hannah Arendt argued in her famous essay ‘Truth and Politics’. We still remember how dangerous factual information was deemed to be under dictatorship. Yet, recently, we have seen that in a democracy it can be just as dangerous if factual information is drowned out by myths, half-truths and disinformation. This is particularly true now that Europe has plunged into a major crisis.

Over the past few months this part of the world, which celebrated its psychological and physical return to Europe in the autumn 1989, has started sliding back to the margins of Europe for reasons very different from those in the 20th century. It is not so much the influx of refugees that our region seems to be so worked up about, as the the influx of these myths, half-truths and disinformation that poses the real danger.

On the eve of the Velvet Revolution anniversary, the Central European Forum 2015 will provide a platform for a discussion of the causes and possible solutions by writers, sociologists and political scientists from all over Europe. «Slovakia enjoys a special position in our region», Václav Havel said at the close of the first Central European Forum in 2009, «as it is the only country that shares borders with all Central European countries, a position that seems to predestine it to discuss Central Europe and its relationship with other regions, Europe and the world as a whole.»

13 – 17 November 2015, Bratislava & Banská Bystrica
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