Central European Forum 2012


From 15 to 18 November 2012 the Slovak non-profit organisation Projekt Fórum, in conjunction with a number of other Slovak and international institutions, is organising the fourth Central European Forum, a three-day series of discussions in Bratislava open to the public and featuring an international cast of panelists.

Václav Havel’s conviction that truth and love will prevail over lies and hatred, that we must remain faithful to our own values as well as believe in love that upholds the truth of others, are the two key principles without which a pluralist world cannot, in the long run, exist. Central European Forum 2012 will focus on these issues, which seem particularly relevant to Central Europe in the present day and the future in 2012, the year of ominous prophecies. Under the overall heading of ‘Truth and Love’ Central European Forum 2012 will discuss the many and varied forms and causes of lies and hatred. Individual discussion panels will focus on the following issues: lies in the form of corrupt structures thriving in the countries of Central Europe; old and new forms of hatred, racism, xenophobia, and collective egotism. The panelists will also seek solutions to the problem Václav Havel himself identified at the first year of the Central European Forum in 2009: was it a fatal mistake for those who transformed Central Europe from authoritarianism to democracy to hand that democracy over to experts on economics?

The 30 panelists will include the Czech writer and programme director of the Václav Havel Library Jáchym Topol, Polish author Andrzej Stasiuk, Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko, Serbian writer Vladimir Arsenijević, Bulgarian-German author Ilija Trojanow, the Slovenian writer Drago Jančar, Russian TV producer and writer living in London Peter Pomerantsev, and Adam Michnik, Polish dissident, historian, and editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza, the biggest independent daily newspaper in Central Europe and many more renowned names…

15 – 18 November 2012
Astorka/Korzo 90 theatre, Namestie SNP 489/33, Bratislava

You can download the programme here.

More information you will find at www.ceeforum.eu