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    New Study: in 5 CEE Countries 17 million Citizens Designate Taxes to NGOs

    Figure 1: Growth of 1% designations, individual donations in Hungary, 1996-2013 (see page 35) It comes straight from the printshop: the first study comparing tax percentage designation in several European countries. The “Assessment of the Impact of the Percentage Tax Designations: Past, Present, Future” is a research project that has been commissioned by the ERSTE Foundation and implemented by the Centre […]more

  • Culture, Publication

    The Zone of Transition has moved to Maidan Square

    As part of the Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators, Nelia Vakhovska translated Boris Buden’s text Zone of Transition. On the End of Post-Communism from German into Ukrainian. “When telling the history of post-communism we need to start at the end. By doing so we will spare ourselves many an illusion, such as the suggestion that […]more
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    Holidays after the Fall. Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Bulgaria and Croatia

    Each summer season, the sun-drenched coasts of Bulgaria and Croatia turn into densely inhabited, intensively exploited tourism industry hot spots. This book traces the various architectural and urban planning strategies that have been pursued there since the mid 1950s—first in order to create, and then to further develop, modern holiday destinations. It portrays (late) modern […]more