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    Vienna Humanities Festival: Revolution!

    For the second time, the Vienna Humanities Festival brings together personalities from the fields of scholarship, art, and culture for a sustained and inspiring exchange of ideas. Around 40 conversations and discussions will transform the Karlsplatz into an urban salon. This year’s theme is “Revolution!”. Topics range from Russia 1917 to the events of 1968 to […]more

  • ERSTE Foundation, Europe

    Debating Europe: What about responsibility in a digital global world?

    “Here I stand. I can do no other.” (Martin Luther) Personal responsibility and individualism: These were two important attributes of the Protestant Reformation – both from a theological and a sociological point of view. What are today’s attitudes towards taking a stand? What do religious people take a stand on? Is there still any call […]more
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    New Chatham House study: The Future of Europe: Comparing Public and Elite Attitudes

    A major Chatham House study examining European attitudes on issues from identity and integration to the future of the EU has been released – a year on from Britain’s vote to leave.  Based on a unique survey of more than 10,000 members of the public and 1,800 ‘influencers’ from politics, the media, business and civil society, […]more
  • ERSTE Foundation, Europe

    Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence: fellows for 2017 selected!

    The 10 participants for this year’s Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence have been chosen. The programme received 130 applications, many of a very high standard, making the final choice extremely tough. A selection committee comprising seven senior media figures from the Balkans and around Europe evaluated the proposals based on relevance, feasibility and originality, as […]more
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    Debating Europe: Do We Live in the Age of Populism?

    As the election of Donald Trump in the USA proves, populists and populist parties are on the rise, not only in European countries but also globally. These developments raise questions: When are politicians populists? How does their action affect democratic societies? How to deal with populists “in a democratic way”? What distinguishes right-wing from left-wing populism? […]more
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    Debating Europe – Europe, USA: What will change with Trump?

    The new US President Donald Trump will represent a different foreign policy than Barack Obama. It is to be expected that the USA will no longer want to exercise their role as a “world police” to the extent they have done in the past. This has an impact on the alliance partners, not only in NATO. […]more
  • ERSTE Foundation, Europe

    Grenzgänger/Grenzdenker: “Return to Europe and back”

    Martin Pollack in conversation with Adam Michnik. On 29 March the regular series of debates “Grenzgänger/Grenzdenker” curated by the renowned Austrian historian, translator and author Martin Pollack continues. The March-debate with the title “Return to Europe and back” will take place at 8.00 pm at the Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. Grenzgänger/Grenzdenker (cross-border travellers/thinkers) examines the […]more
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    Will Europe pass the acid test?

    Ivan Vejvoda becomes Permanent Fellow at IWM and launches multi-year project to examine the future of the EU, developed jointly with ERSTE Foundation Europe is facing tremendous challenges. Liberal democracy is being put to the test both from within and from outside. In addition to the advance of populist parties and the rise of nationalist […]more
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    Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence 2017: Open Call

    Do you have an idea for a big story? Do you want to write and report it to the highest standards, with quality editorial support and a generous expenses budget that lets you explore your subject in depth? Would you like that story to be published across southeast Europe and perhaps even more widely? Now […]more
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    Debating Europe: Do We Live in Revolutionary Times?

    Are we facing a turning point? The period, which began with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain more than a quarter of a century ago, is coming to an end. Many people believed that 1989 was a revolution without counter-revolution. Is this now the backlash: Brexit, Donald Trump in the US and […]more