Catarina Simão – Uhuru: a meeting with the Mozambique Film Archive

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Lecture, discussion & exhibition by the Lisbon-based artist Catarina Simão in Bratislava.

Catarina Simão is an artist whose practice is built upon long term research projects that entail collaborative partnerships and different forms of presentation to the public, such as art installations, screenings, participatory workshops and talks. Simão is known for her essay-like displays, using documentation, writing, films and videos related to Mozambique films and images made during the struggle against Portuguese colonial occupation and after independence. Her work has been presented at Serralves Museum, Manifesta 8 Biennial, Africa.cont, Reina Sofia Museum and other art institutions across Europe and also in Mozambique, USA and Lebanon.

Lecture & discussion: 25 March 2015, 5pm
Venue: Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava,
Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, room no 220

The lecture is organised in frame of the course “Curating Archives. Critical Perspectives on Parallel Cultural Histories” supported by PATTERNS Lectures. A program co-organised and co-funded by The course is part of the curriculum at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Exhibition: Uhuru
Curated by: Daniel Grúň
Opening on 26 March 2015, 6pm
Venue:, Beskydská 12, 81105 Bratislava
Exhibition runs until May 16, 2015
Special thanks to: Denis Kozerawski, Magdalena Schreyova, Peter Sit, Andrej Žabkay

The exhibition consists of a projection of two video essays, MUEDA 1979 and Effects of Wording, and a book created specially for the exhibition in the Bratislava gallery tranzit, in collaboration with the publishing house APART Label. Film images, archival documents and personal testimonies are brought together in the book.

Catarina Simão uses the method of archaeology of the film image in her video MUEDA 1979. She concentrates on the rhetorical effect of film language. An important problem here is the affectivity of memory: the gestures and language of remembrance. MUEDA 1979 is a detailed reading of a sequence in the Mozambique film Mueda, Memória e Massacre (Ruy Guerra, 1979).

The second video, entitled Effects of Wording, documents the circumstances of origin and the daily life of an educational project called The Mozambique Institute. The story is based on the author’s composition of images recording an extensive collection of correspondence, newspaper cuttings, photos, textbooks, film shots, and other archive materials from a number of sources. The rhythmicisation of sound tracks and their repetition reinforces the emotive reading of the story.

image © Mozambique Film Archive