Catalyst Award 2010 by

Catalyst award is a contemporary art award that was founded by with the aim to foster a greater collective appreciation of initiatives that are inspiring for the local intellectual community. The prize is awarded to individuals, projects and initiatives that – directly or indirectly – have an impact on the contemporary art scene and contribute to the presentation, discussion and mediation of progressive contemporary art.

More than 60 projects were proposed by experts and in a campaign on facebook for the prizes, which were awarded in two categories: MOTOR for initiatives that started in or before 2009, that have a long-term impact and a function as a catalyst; and NOVELTY for catalyst intitiatives that started recently. The winners are Liget Gallery (category MOTOR) and Crosstalk Video Productions (category NOVELTY).

Photo: Tibor Várnagy, artistic director of Liget Gallery and winner in the category MOTOR, and Dóra Hegyi, © Zoltán Kerekes

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