Catalyst Award 2011 Winners

Dennis Beviz,

Dennis Beviz,

The Catalyst Award Handed Out For the Second Time

The Catalyst Award, founded by in 2010, awarded for the second time the cultural impact of contemporary art projects in two categories. The awardee in the “Motor” category is Kretakor, while the one in the “Novelty” category is the “Napidij” project of Nemzeti Muveszetert Alapitvany. The winners received the Golden Golem Award created by the artist Tamas Komoroczky and an exclusive song by the music band of women artists, called Strassz, along with a HUF 500,000 prize for each category.

The jury of the Catalyst Award aspired this year to award projects which, besides raising relevant issues, also markedly take a position vis-à-vis the current social context of contemporary art in Hungary.

Kretakor has been a long-standing motor of the alternative theatre life in Hungary. However, the Catalyst Award was given to Kretakor by the jury not because of this, but for the transformation Kretakor had carried out in their operation in the last few years. The renewal of Kretakor is a positive example for how a contemporary art project can react to the altered social and political climate.

The “Napidij” project of the Nemzeti Muveszetert Alapitvany (NMA) was awarded as it criticizes the social practice of awarding ironically and with ease. The gesture, nevertheless, is more than just a gag; the community which is formed around the “Napidij” re-defines the notion of participation in contemporary culture and art as well as that of social hierarchies. While they criticize a norm and operate, seemingly, with new propositions, the strongest aspect of the project is criticism.

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